Interactive Digital Business Card

Interactive Digital Business Card Application Form

Interactive Digital Business Card

This new and innovative technology takes sharing your business, products, and services to another level. DVVS Inc. sets up your IDBC with the information provided from you, such as your website URL, Social Media URLs, and any other online content you use to market and sell your products or services. Additionally, you will receive monthly analytics of the usage of the IDBC which includes the total amount of cards used; the percentage used; views over time; how many file views there were as well as how many downloads (if your material includes downloadable material) occurred within the month. he price is $10 per card with a minimum purchase of 25 cards. If you purchase 50 or more, the price is $8.00 per card. If you decide to purchase the cards, it will take 4-6 weeks from receipt of the funds to you receiving the cards. 


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