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Are you providing counseling services?

The world is digital. People are searching for services online. Businesses who have websites are taking benefits without any competition and killing your business.

Do you know why?

You are missing clients due to your business having no website.

Fret not, we have a solution for you but before going further let’s have a look at the ways a website can boost your business:

-24*7 availability so you can be available for anyone, anytime, anywhere

 -Reach out to the wider audience with less expenses

-Highlight your services in a better manner

– Get authentic and genuine feedback

It also makes easier for the clients to search your services as

  • 20% of counselors and psychotherapists are offering online, email or telephone counseling services.
  • Cumulative percentage of 80% females & 84% males might or would use online counselling if available
  • 96% consumers with moderate to high indicators of stress would use online counselling


– Happy Customers can give their reviews and random clients can ask queries     about your services, so you can stay in touch with them and their requirements.

– While more and more people are turning to mobiles and tablets for services and shopping, showing your services right on their mobile/computer screens is just another way to get even more clients.

– It makes retargeting your clients quite easy than any other traditional method.

And last but not the least 

– A website is an “office” that is always open for your clients whether you are sleeping, enjoying a party, on a tour, as it is always selling or showcasing your services and convincing your clients!

The information listed above are reasons why your company needs a website.

Still skeptical?

Then check out this video that explains each doubt you might have and gives you a better understanding of why an online presence is a must-have.

Till then, stay tuned for our next blog with more information!